Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are common, medically grouped as calcium, struvite, uric acid and cystine stones. It can be caused by several reasons including hereditary, urinary tract infection, hyperparathyroidism, chemical imbalance, increased level of uric acid or calcium, etc.
While smaller stones are flushed out through urination, removal of larger stones may require breaking the stones (Lithotripsy) and medication and changes in the diet are required to prevent recurrence.


  • Drink plenty of water daily. This will help to dilute urine, thereby helping in expelling crystals (stones) and preventing their formation in the bladder.
  • People who are overweight should go on a gradual weight loss programme. Avoid rapid weight loss, as it will precipitate the symptoms further.
  • Eliminate alcohol strictly and completely.
  • Restrict animal protein foods like mutton, chicken, egg, organ meats like liver and kidney, fish, shell fish & lobster.
  • Avoid foods containing high oxalates and acidic ash l
  • Eat whole grains like wheat, jowar, bajra, ragi, nuts like walnuts, almonds, flaxseeds etc.
  • Increase consumption of potassium rich vegetables and fruits.