Nutrition for Arthritis

Treatment of osteoarthritis emphasizes control of the inflammation and swelling and relief of pain, resting often, sleeping on firm mattress, staying warm and applying heat to joint affected by osteoarthritis can help ease pain. Overweight people can relieve extra stress on the joints by losing weight. Adequate nutrition including vitamin supplement are the integral part of the treatment.


Generally following modifications may help to relieve symptoms:

  • Avoiding animal products such as red meat, chicken, organ meats, processed or ground meat, egg can sometimes help to relieve inflammation of joints. Vegetarian diets are best suited for all.
  • Non-vegetarians can go in for fish and even fish oil supplements are known to bring in relief.
  • Cut down on salt and salty preparations, MSG, canned/ preserved foods.
  • Include flax seeds in the diet.
  • Use MUFA and PUFA-3 rich oils for cooking e.g. olive, til, mustard and rice bran oil.
  • Exclude red meat, saturated fats, ghee, butter , cheese
  • Walk at least for 30 min/day. Exercise reduces joint stiffness and increases flexibility and muscle strength. Avoid vigorous exercise.