Nutrition for Hair & Skin

Shiny, lustrous hair; glowing healthy skin; sparkling bright eyes are the dream features for any woman in whichever age group.
Though many cosmetic measures are available today to improve the skin and hair texture, the inner beauty can be enhanced only through the right nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management. 
The effect of nutritional changes may not be immediate, but it has long lasting beneficial effect both for skin as well as hair.


  • Restrict table sugar, sweets, sweetened fruit juices, aerated drinks, cakes, pastries, cookies, biscuits, fried food item.
  • Include proteins in order to get rid of sugar cravings and correct hair loss. For example, egg, chicken, fish, dairy products, whey, soya, whole pulses, nuts etc
  • Restrict tea coffee, alcohol, chocolates and caffeinated products. Include 2-2.5 lit water in form of lemon water, tender coconut water etc.
  • Consume a diet rich in iron for example, eggs, leafy vegetables, soya, fish, nuts, whole pulses and cereals
  • In case of poor quality hair, check thyroid function
  • Include high fibre foods in order to avoid constipation like whole cereals, fruits and vegetables
  • Include fermented dairy product in like plain curd, yogurt, thin buttermilk etc. one may also take supplements for friendly bacteria such as acidophilus and bifid bacterium
  • Detoxify liver regularly in order to remove toxic material from your body.
  • Exercise regularly and get adequate rest.