Nitija Mhatre

" I have had weight issues and health issues from year 2011. I am glad that I made the decision of consulting Dt. Geeta Shenoy. I would very proudly like to share that I have reduced 10 KGS of weight, in 6 months. Before, any of the reader thinks that this isn't a great loss!!! I would like to add that it is a great loss with the kind of life style I have where I can not manage to do exercise, walking etc plus with health issues. Above all, I do not have cravings, I have learned about eating right and not starving myself. I had no idea just how much difference Dt Geeta Shenoy could make and have been truly satisfied with the whole program- from the cost and value of the program. I recommend Dietician Geeta Shenoy to anyone who is looking to develop a healthy relationship with food, and who is looking to improve his or her quality of life. She will guide you, motivate you, support you, and care about you every step of the way."

Nitin Khade

" First time in my life I visited dietician as I was too overweight around 108 kg at age 36yrs. I meet Dr Geeta Shenoy and just over 2 months and 10 days. my experience has been truly satisfactory when it comes to loosing weight in a proper regulated manner. I have lost 16 kgs in nine weeks due to her able guidance and nutritonal diet chart. Dieticians are not magician but they can do wonders if u follow the given Diet n Nutritional chart supported with proper workout regime. Workout plays 30% role in weight Loss rest 70% major role is played by what Diet u consume. Wishing Geeta Shenoy all the success in Life as she helps others in transforming unhealthy body to a Healthy one. "

Prajakta Ghadigaonkar

" Over the years I had put on a considerable amount of weight.. Had tried doing all kinds of exercises but the weight loss was never really happening. Dieting always felt difficult until I met Geeta ma'am through one of my friend. One thing I like about her is that she never instructs to follow a diet plan.. She always takes suggestions first about whatever one wants to eat while preparing a diet plan and then accordingly includes it in the plan thus making the person very much comfortable to follow the diet plan. Through her guidance and support I have almost reached very close to my targeted weight. There have been ups and downs in between while dieting but she has helped me to get over them through. All my cravings have vanished and my mind is always at peace now! I have actually managed to make a change in me inside out by following a healthy lifestyle which has eventually become a habit now. Thank you ma'am for making it happen for me."

Richa Agarwal

" Mother of little daughter and PCOD patient gained from 75 Kg to 93 Kg during the journey to motherhood. My best friend suggested to consult Geeta Shenoy. I started consulting and got to know so many aspects of nutrition and healthy life style. Though I communicate with her from New Delhi she gives ample of time to understand your body, lifestyle and then plan a nutritious healthy diet . I best part which moved me as losing weight while sticking to basic and ancient Indian meals and putting " dadi ma " Kitchen Pots :) . I am happy to share that coming back to shape weighing now 78 Kg in 6 months and still a long journey to go!!! Excellent customer service Delivered!"

Priti Anand

" One of the best dietician.She never kept me starving for losing weight. Made me believe that healthy food is the best way to lose weight . I m really thankful to her otherwise I had almost thought I would never lose weight . Will recommend her to all who are wanting to lose weight and lead a healthy life. She is very friendly and gives diet as per our requirement."

Meera Vasudevan (Actor & Model)

"At the age of 34, two years after my pregnancy, I decided to lose over 25 kilos while suffering from hypothyroidism, vertigo and shoulder and knee aches. Although, I was highly doubtful of any progress, Dr. Geeta helped me set reasonable goals in full cognizance of my situation and her customized plan combined with regular weight training sessions at the gym started to show results. From May 2016 when I weighed over 85 kilos, I have lost tremendous amount of fat and gained lean body mass and reached an enviable weight of 67 kilos in November 2016 (a loss of 18 kilos in 7 months). However, I maintain that I have put in tremendous effort to stick to her fool-proof, effective and practical diet plan and my exercise regimen with a fitness coach to achieve these remarkable results. The beauty of Dr. Geeta's plan is that it is highly customized, subjective, in keeping with medical conditions of her patients and very practical. She prefers the method of detailed analysis and follow-up by comparing parameters like Lean Body Mass, Body Fat percentage, Body Water, Body Age, etc instead of the standard and out-dated method of taking measurements. The readings present an accurate understanding of one's current physical condition. Additionally, she spends a reasonable amount of time putting her patients at ease while coming up with effective diet plans to suit their daily dietary and work requirements. She does not provide impractical and dangerous methods for weight-loss thereby guaranteeing long-term, perhaps life-long results from following her advice diligently."

SK Sharma (Certified Life Coach)

"This is to record the appreciation for excellence in the results achieved in weight reduction following the diet prescribed by Ms. Geeta Shenoy. Irrespective of my existing demotivation on account of repeated failures over a decade;the treatment,the follow up and encouraging advise by Ms.Shenoy did wonders and helped me achieve a weight reduction of 8.2kg.,down from 88kg to 79.8kg in just two months. The diet was supported with exercise and the exercise was no a new regime. The diet was.During the interaction i found Ms Shenoy to be well-read, up-to-date with latest trends and an extremely experienced dietician and nutritionist."

Mr Jitu Shah

"Thank you Geeta mam for your healthy Diet plan which helped me reduce 16kg weight In just 4 months."

Ms Nicy

"Hi im Nicy , mother of 1 month old boy. First of all My extreme gratitude to Ms. Geeta shenoy, Its my pleasure to meet Dt.Geeta Shenoy, From 3 years im struggling with my gynec problem ,concieved 3 time but unfortunately got aborted all. Doctors gone through all the medical checkup but result came as normal. Then i realize that im put on weight .I consulted many dietitian and did lot of experiments to reduce my weight, but when I consult Dt.Geetha Shenoy, I understood that she is extremely knowledgeable and bring an individualized, one on one element which is missing from other programs. Due to her support and advise i could able to reduce my weight from 80 KG to 76 KG and helps to stay healthy only through calls without any meeting.one good thing i found her is she provide diet which we feel comfortable and easy to follow. She is having some different style of providing diet plan which seems to be quite different from others. And also she provide a healthy diet through out my pregnancy too. Which help me to gain only 6 kg and my baby was 3.500 kg during birth.I am thankful to her for achieving my goal. Im strongly recommended dt. Geeta shenoy's weightloss program for all struggling expecting women."