Healthy Heart Diet

Heart friendly diets have multi factorial roles such keeping cholesterol and blood pressure under control, check on insulin levels and other factors which affect heart and artery health




  • Cooking medium to be restricted to 10-15 gm (2-3teaspoon) per day.
  • Avoid all refined carbohydrates which raise insulin levels and triglycerides as well.
  • Restrict all intakes of fried foods, whole milk etc. Use skimmed milk for tea, coffee, curd and paneer. Avoid processed cheese, mayonnaise and use cottage cheese.
  • Use whole grain cereals, whole grams and pulses, whole-wheat porridge and whole wheat or multi grain bread.
  • Make use of fenugreek (methi) seeds and flax seeds in your diet.
  • Use white meat i.e. fish and chicken. Cut down on pork, mutton, and other organ meat e.g. liver, kidney, brain etc.
  • Use plenty of fresh green vegetables, fruits and sprouts.