Energy Boosters

There are many ways nutrients keep us energetic, for example, neutralizing free radicals formed during metabolism. Vitamins and minerals are needed by the glandular system for the creation of energy releasing hormones. 
A wide range of nutrients is needed to keep the immune system strong so that infections are kept away. Energizing nutrients come in three varieties: nutrients which help body to combust food; tonics, which help up body systems over time and strengthen the glands; stimulants, which should be avoided, for they push the body too far and burn it out.


  • Improved digestion as well as liver function has a magical effect on the energy release and utilization by the body. Foods known to cause acidity slow down the digestion; low fibre foods, Trans fats or processed fats are known to pull down the energy levels.
  • Avoid antibiotics and junk food. If you have to take antibiotics then include some colon friendly bacteria in form of yogurts or supplements.
  • Restrict wheat and dairy products and sugar containing foods.
  • Include plenty of water in daily routine and get adequate rest.
  • Restrict intake of all stimulants including alcohol, tobacco, caffeine etc.
  • Foods in their natural state provide abundant micronutrients which otherwise get wiped out during refining and processing. Whole cereals, whole pulses, fruits, nuts, seeds are the powerhouse of vitamin B complex which plays crucial role in energy release.
  • Practice pranayam, and meditation for managing stress.
  • Sound sleep sans tranquilizers can boost up physical and mental performance.
  • Aerobic activity for 30 minutes daily will help to get rid of lethargy and fatigue.